Caleb’s Journey

A journey to a diagnosis

A Journey into the diagnosis of Epilepsy

I can remember us sitting on the couch at home and wondering what that strange twitch was in Caleb's arm. little did we know that was the start of Caleb's Epilepsy and our world crashing down. 

The next step was taking Caleb to the doctors because we thought he might have a pinched nerve in that arm. we became more worried as it kept continouing. By this time Caleb was 6 weeks old and the GP suggested finding a peditrican. I returned to that same GP.

As I had been unscucessful in my search for this specialist docotor. 

The GP was getting concerned as I had flimed one of these seizures and we them made the trip into the Emergancy Department of the Womens and Childrens Hospital here in North Adelaide. 

This then began our long stays in hospital on verious ward and frequent admissions. The night we received that diganosis was the worst night of our lives as first time parents otherwise a healthy baby boy.

Prior to this he was born at term, 39 and 5 weeks which was 2 days early from his due date. He had met all his milestones and had was up todate with all his immunisations.